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How to launch a rubber boat?

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2022/11/29 21:06

The portability and versatility of the rubber boat has always been praised by people who apply it. For example, the rubber boat CNT V335AL series has excellent driving performance, but also optimized related parts for handling and underwater, such as the ship's side cable, the ship's four handling handles. If there is a short shore, you can try the following ways to make the rubber boat like water:

1. Two people lift the stern of the boat so that the stern enters the water first to create enough buoyancy for the tail to float on the water.

2. Pull the bow handle slowly move to the bow cable, or pull the bow anchor line.

3. Hold the bow anchor line when the whole boat is in the water

4. Fix the anchor rope to a tree trunk or stable place on the shore to prevent the boat from being washed away by the current.

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